Cinema Lights


150 animated high-resolution lens flares, in five different colors, to spice up your shots, add punch to motion graphics, or as a background.


Indie Lights Video Pack



Adding the Indie or Lomo look of orange, pinks, and reds to your work has never been easier. The 30 lens flares and lighting effects in my Indie Lights video pack will quickly become your favorite tools!

Cinema Lights Video Pack



30 white lens flares that can be easily changed to a color that suits. Or used as is to create gorgeous cinema effects.

Drama Lights Video Pack



Transport your subjects to magical places with these thirty high-resolution tools. Thoughtfully captured to make adding drama to an otherwise flat scene or image easy!

Horror Lights Video Pack



30 high-impact lens flares and distorted lighting effects with a deep red hue for instant drama and style in your video or still art.

Sci-Fi Lights Video Pack



With the powerful green lens flares in my Sci-Fi Lights pack, you’ll be able to add character to even the dullest footage.

“These are amazing, I use them for video and Photoshop art. Super easy to use, high impact results, and a crazy deal. Thanks!”
- CO

“I think JJ Abrams made me forcefully fall in love with lens flares and I’m really enjoying the blue pack of flares I picked up. It worked awesome for the car commercial I just did.”
- NT

“I was actually pretty skeptical at the quality of these but they are incredible! I’m creating shots I never would have been able to before. I use them for all different kinds of media and even as backgrounds. Amazing product, happy customer! ;-)”
- DA

Imagine you could…

  • Instantly add great-looking lens flares to your content.
  • Increase the visual impact in all your compositions.
  • Easily add complicated lens effects to any camera footage.

"Lens flares are without a doubt one of the secret sauce visual elements that any pro content creator uses to elevate their footage and add visual appeal to their shots and stories. So, I decided to craft my own ready-to-use flares and have now made them available for anyone who wants to add visual impact to their work."

Dare Stevens

More dimension

This bundle contains 150 animated high-resolution lens flares that were meticulously crafted using Black Magic Design Cinema Cameras in ultra-high 6K resolution at 60 frames per second and compressed into an easily usable 4k size for pretty much anything you need, and also available as 4K ProRes 422 for high-end usage.

Lens Flares



Instant Download



Frequently Asked Questions

Video files are provided in 3 formats: 4K, Full HD & Still Frame. Super-high quality 4K ProRes 422 is available upon request.

Finishing LUTs are standard .cube LUT files, Premiere Looks, Camera RAW Preset and Lightroom Preset formats.

Photo products are Photoshop actions + image files.

Our products are compatible in any non-linear editing software that allows you to change the “blend mode” of clips on your timeline to “screen.” 

Generally, all professional video and photo editing softwares are compatible. This includes, but is not limited to, programs such as Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, DaVinci, Final Cut, Vegas.

Avid Media Composer and iMovie do not have “blend mode” settings and are not supported.

Check with your editing software’s help documentation to ensure that you have the “screen” blend mode option.

Yes! Each product comes with an easy to follow short video tutorial explaining how to use the products in a variety of programs

Your purchase covers social media, client work, all forms of advertising, YouTube monetization, TV programming, VOD (Netflix, etc), and theatrical releases.

Assets must be incorporated into a project with other footage, photographs, etc.

Example of things you cannot do include:

  • Share files or accounts with friends.
  • Incorporate our assets into any sort of product.
  • Claim ownership of any of our assets.

Dare Cinema prides itself it bringing to you the highest quality products at a fraction of the price offered by the competition.

All products available on Dare Cinema are crafted with love by Dare Stevens, a professional filmmaker with over 20 years in the business. 

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With purchase includes free technical support. Email us and our knowledgeable team members will help you as best they can.

Cinema Lights


150 animated high-resolution lens flares, in five different colors, to spice up your shots, add punch to motion graphics, or as a background.