One of the joys of filmmaking is seeing new places you've never been or seeing the places you've been with new eyes. On this page I'll share photos from different shoots highlighting the beauty of the world both from present locations and past as well as the behind the scenes views of what went down.  

Images from Instagram: 

One of the craziest shoots in my life. 70 episodes. 12 hours of content. 200+ days of shooting all across Mexico 2011-2012. 

I also enjoyed filming in Paris with Serge and Kelvin in June 2014. We shot a fun little film there called "If Only." 

And then of course was the recent shoot in Los Angeles of the Hollywouldn'ts. Can't even begin to explain the sheer exhilaration of those 19 insane days and nights. Oct-Nov 2015. 

But I can share some of the moments from them. 

I went with Serge up to Yosemite in April 2016 to film some behind the scenes for his On the Trail of Ansel Adams series and it was a blast. I hadn't been back to Yosemite in quite some time, so it was a breath of fresh air. And yes, I'm going to say literally.