What is Dare Cinema?

What is Dare Cinema?

What is Dare Cinema by Darius Stevens Wilhere

I'm a film maker and have been working in and around movies and storytelling for pretty much my whole life. In my own journey I've worked with hundreds and hundreds of professionals a number of whom provided vital encouragement, instruction and inspiration at times when I really needed it to keep going.

In the last 8 years or so, I began to find myself more and more in the role of mentor when working with new film makers or inexperienced producers, writers, editors and directors. Not just offering words of encouragement when things got tough, but passing on the vital lessons and skills that were handed down to me years earlier and which I've spent tens of thousands of hours working to master.

I found myself finally understanding what it is that inspires people to share knowledge and take the role of mentor or teacher. It is after all the oldest of human traditions. 

Not only is it rewarding to see your students create incredible art all on their own, it is also a vital necessity in keeping the arts alive and thriving and new blood constantly infused into the mix.

The learning curve when you are trying to go it on your own can defeat many a potential film maker. There are just too many variables, too many potential points of failure and often just too long a damn runway before you can actually take off and really start flying.

Most people who decide to seriously tackle visual storytelling (or any art form for that matter) as a career have big questions like: How do I get started? How do I know if I am doing something right? Am I going to fail? How will I feed myself or my family? How do you really go about making a movie? What if what I make isn't good enough? What if people hate what I do?

These can be crippling questions for a lot of people and it helps to have a friend who you can bounce things off of or someone who you can get advice that can offer helpful solutions.

I created Dare Cinema to help film makers help and people interested in visual storytelling find their feet. I also created it to give me a venue from which to collaborate with like minded people across the internet.

As I continue to move forward towards producing my own films and shorts I strongly believe that utilizing the internet as a resource to find talented artists who want to collaborate is the way of the future for independent film making. 

I can't promise that any advice or general tutorials are going to be magic beans that suddenly produce a golden harp for you. You'll still have giants to fight on your way. But hopefully they can help you make the route of the journey ahead of you.

You can also email me at dare@darecinema.com about any specific problems you are running into, and I'll try to help you out. There might be a delay if I am in the middle of writing or shooting something, but I will get back to you.

Also as I start getting into my own projects, I'll be posting on here first the people I need to make the film I'm doing. So if you are an actor, gaffer, cameraman, costume designer, make-up artist, art director or just a talented person who wants to be any one of those things, I'll be looking for your submissions here.

Have a great day!


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